Happy Tuesday! Here’s a great “Cardio vs Weights” side by side featuring yours truly👼🏽A happy lil bean - It’s been quite a while since I posted a good transformation from when I first began my fitness journey so here we go. These are the same exact shorts...they just fit a little different now😛 - Left: I was flexing my poor little heart out & I was so dang proud that I had the TINIEST amount of definition in my legs. (which was from running & doing only cardio) I’ve always been naturally athletic and lean so activity has never been a problem. This was the summer after I graduated high school & I went on a mission of self discovery in Utah when I visited my dad (the greatest summer I’ve ever had) - My mission has always been to add weight and grow my legs because they’ve always been so tiny. I constantly got called names relating to my size which didn’t phase me at first but over time it just got old & I wanted to make a change. - Right: Here I am, just last month not even giving a full flex & LOOK @ the progress that I’ve made over ~2 years. I’ve gained weight✔️ I’ve added a ton of muscle to my legs✔️ Also I’ve added crazy gains to my arms, look @ my sad lil limbs in the left pic vs my baby humps on the right💪🏽 - Although I can gladly check these off of my bucket list, I’m still not done. I want to continue to grow & become stronger to learn more about myself. I hope to challenge myself more than ever & to try new things as I embark on more of my fitness journey turned lifestyle. - - - #fitness #model #fitnessmodel #transformation #transformationtuesday #workout #lifting #cardiovsweights #bootygaijs #glutebuilding #bootybuilding #leggains #gains #weighttraining #bodybuilding

Throw back of another photo shoot done by the talented kev Stanton 💗💗 Getting so excited for my photoshoot next week keep looking at old photos I love for inspo 👏👏 On another note I have entered the @mshealthandfitness competition if you don't mind voting for me that would be amazing. Link is in my bio 👍 I'm up against some serious babes and influences so let's get this lil 21 year old from new Zealand a chance 🥇🌍 Thanks in advance xx can vote every 24 hours as well would mean alot to me 💗💗 . . . #model #fitnessmodel #fitnessmotivation #mshealthandfitness #fitness #nzfitness #mshealthandfitness2018 #nzinsta #newzealand #fitnessnz #fitfamnz #fitfamily #fitfam #competition #fitnessaddict #fitnesswomen #inspriation #fitspo #gym #gymmotivation #fitnessmagazine #tagsforlikes #likeforlike #commentback #commentforcomment #followforfollow

Mammoth Mugshot With @mikayla_breann2 Credit to @mikayla_breann2 : Peak week number 2 🙌🏼 ~ Drinking all the water and living in gym clothes this week! So basically same old same old lol ~ Just loving life, happy as can be! Happy Sunday everyone 😊 #mammothmug #gym #fit #fitnessmodel #strongwomen #bodybuilding #pushpullgrind #cardio #hiit #diet #legday #glutes #fitchick #fitgirl #fitfam #igfit #swole #flex #gains #eatclean #muscle

#transformationtuesday by the awesome @mandy.johnson8604 👌🙌 Fantastic work ethic, worked crazy hard and got her best results yet!👌🙌😊

Let’s be real for a second - You’re going to fuck up at some point in your Fat Loss Phase. ▪️ I think many people have this problem where they believe any Fat Loss Phase is going to go smoothly. My old sport, you really have no idea.. ▪️ The fact is, we’re Human Beings, not Robots. Our circumstances in daily life, alongside the complex function inside our bodies and the fact we were NEVER designed to be in a Calorie Deficit, makes it damn near impossible for us to be completely efficient and consistent with dieting. That’s not just the case for you, that’s the case for literally E V E R Y O N E. ▪️ Sure, it would be cool if we were Robots, optimised our plans and get shredded AF in no time - but that’s never going to happen. This IS what will MIGHT happen👇 ▪️ 👉🏻 You might go over your macros when you’re super hungry one day 👉🏻 You might give into temptations 👉🏻 You might binge out 👉🏻 You might become highly-stressed, Sleep / Recover poorly, and struggle to see a drop on the scales 👉🏻 You might end up going to see Mella Dee at Stealth, and Denis Sulta x Mall Grab at Rock City and get torn up at both events.. when you said you weren’t gonna drink 🍺 (oops, that one is me🤭) ▪️ The only way to address these fuck ups? Put them behind you, get back on the saddle and carry on with your work. In reality, a one meal / one day fuck up will do NOTHING in the grand scheme of things - it’s just up to you to get back on track and put the work in, to stay ahead of the game🙌🏻 . PS: I fucking hate throwing up these shirtless selfies, no idea how you self-obsessed lot do this frequently?!

Road Trips ☀️ . . . Fitness Tip of the Day: ✅ If you’re thinking of changing your lifestyle habits, start small. Change that 10 min walk into a 30 min walk. Mistake ⛔️: Jumping right into hardcore weightlifting, buying all the supplements out there . Who do you think will last longer 🤔 . . . How will this tip help you 🤷‍♀️ 🌸 You don’t want to be sore after your first workout, how will you obtain your goals for the second day if you can barely move 🌸Train your muscles to grow, they won’t magically appear with all the supplements you take. You need to put the work in first. 🌸You just started working out, pre workout and protein powder is unnecessary. Focus on the basics of eating healthy and going to the gym regularly. . . . #fitnesstips #roadtrips #beachbabe #fitnessmotivation #healhybalance #healthymeals #fitnessadvice #gymsharkwomen #womensbest #bigbootygirls #fitnessmodel #brandambassador #loveyourbody #foodlover #freeadvice #healthymealprep #mindtomuscleconnection #bodybuilder #bodypositive #warmdays #rockwoodconservationarea