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What was your hardest battle? - It is so much easier just to take the easy battles and get over it but there's not satisfaction of it.💰 The harder battle's prove who you are as a person and whether you can do it.🔥

Don't hide behind false words because of convenience or protection. - What you say to others is the truth they have to go by. - Commit yourself to a life of integrity, starting with the words you use with other people. - Using them for truth and love will attract the right type of people in your life. -

Online business ideas which you think are good, but actually not and why? Part 2. Trading Stocks and Forex There's just too much risk, don't believe the hype it's not that easy to be a trader it's possible but requires years of training and self discipline It's a real profession and it takes time and lots of mistakes. Verdict: High cost, Low profit. Become a translator A low paying freelance gig, The profit margins are too low for the amount of time that is needed, especially now with AI translating services the prices are ever lower. Verdict: Low cost, Low profit. Physical products The great thing about physical products is if you nail it right, you can distribute it easily across hundreds of store across the country, but it's high risk, high reward. Verdict: High cost, High profit. I would like to say something about those "bad" ideas I've just listed. Of-course there are exceptions in some cases you can find a way to create a very successful business in any of those ideas, But how good are your chances? It's much better to work hard on a business idea that will compensate for your hard work right away and not working hard for a small chance that you might hit it big. Remember make millions by working hard on the right idea in the right time is speed of light to success, So just try to make sure it's the right one and don't waste much of your time. Just think about the millions of people who come across all those popular articles and they find the same business idea you've just been given, though competition isn't? :) #idea #business #businessidea #collaboration #cocreateidea #success #online #onlinebusiness #translator #trader #partnership #partner #enterpreneur #enterpreneurship #owner #coowner #founder #cofounder #secret #why

Thank you, @krandy12 for believing in the vision❗️Make sure you follow and support former NBA G-League Guard (@lakelandmagic & @delawarebluecoats ), Kyle Randall’s apparel brand, @all.4.him • • • “I am more than just an athlete and A4H is more than just a clothing brand!” • • • All4Him is a faith-based sports apparel brand created by professional basketball player, Kyle Randall. It was created to represent people who live their lives and perform positive actions for Christ. All4Him is more than just a brand; it’s a lifestyle.

Looking forward to some Happy Days!!! 👉I NEVER deserved any of the ones that broke me down and broke my heart and then MADE me question my entire existence! 👉Oh but HOW I'M COMING BACK WITH A VENGEANCE!!! #CEO #Founder #businesswoman

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Looks like a busy but great year ahead all in God’s hands.

Take a leap of Faith. Always Expect the best outcome and you'll receive just that.

Sequoia Salon owner Shari has the magic touch ✨

Make sure you have checked the story highlights. What are your thoughts on 6th one? 👿🔥 👉@oceansharkmedia #strategy

African Agriculture at the cusp of Transformation.

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African Sunset in the field after a long day.

Skills can be learned but do you have the belief, the drive, the passion to make it happen?