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im out, and have alreadybeen called “ emo “ by some asshole on the street 🙄 No plan on to going home tonight, we’ll see where the night take s me . 🤷🏻‍♀️ If i don’t respond tmorow mornign, be worried ig

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hi hi hi i made a new post so yall dont have to scroll down each time you wanna ask a question!! -🎮 (i just copied and pasted the tags n the side note one of the admins put on the other post lmao) (dont be afraid to ask some spicy questions too ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) . . . . // side note - if you'd like to ask a specific question for a specific character, dm us or say the characters name before you ask the question! #bemorechill #bmc #bmcmusical #jeremyheere #michaelmell #jennarolan #christinecanigula #jakedillinger #richgoranski #brookelohst #chloevalentine #musicals #theatre #broadway #richbmc #jakebmc #jeremybmc #michaelbmc #brookebmc #christinebmc #chloebmc #jennabmc

So FUNNY story, i thought I uploaded this earlier but then I came here because tbh I was confused why I wasn’t getting any notifications from Insta, and I realized that I didn’t post my girls yet. So here. úwù #jennarolan #jennabmc #chloevalentine #chloebmc #bemorechill

As much as I may bully u, ur super cute and pleasant to talk to. (Platonically dw). You’re funny and,, idk. Messing with you is fun lmao. 😂 So. Ew, Jeremy Heere. ;0 Also im not a furry- I just like deer and squeak like a mouse when distressed tyvm. @notaverycoolgay

I like me better when im with you ❤️ ~Summer feels~ ☀️🏖💋

I think im starting to crush on one of my friends and honestly? I’m deceased 🤷🏻‍♀️

this took a really long time and i kinda gave up with the colors at the end - - - #jennarolan #jennabmc #bemorechill #bmc

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