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Building genuine relationships with people will take you and your business a long way. It's not always about "what's in it for me." The Key to success it to give without expecting anything in return. All the good you put into building something genuine...will never go unrewarded. Join us July 11th for out 1st workshop on building a genuine relationship! BIG thank you to Made Coffee for supporting us from the beginning! Click the link in bio to register!

It was mid december When she called me from her new no I didn't heard her since that chilly october I couldn't help loving the way she talk Anyone could see it all over my face It was clear as day, never drifts I remembered myself cursing time,that eve Someone suddenly knocked at the door Exactly I didn't know but a wild guess Black hoodie, white shirt, pleated denim that ends few inches below her butt Raven hair open, close enough for a mess Lips stained crimson and her eyes (abundance of something unknown) continuously swaying over me Because I didn't wear anything Except that shorts I took from friend And the smile she loves I reached for her Pushed her against the wall Her hands outstretched, palms up I bit her lips till 1st drop(of blood) She unbuttoned her shirt Unzipped her denim slightly But didn't strip Her smirk wanted me to take them off She climbed, her legs wrapped around my waist I carried her to my room & dropped over Illustrations I made last day We had each other naked not looking for covers She tried covering herself naughtily But I pulled her hands to take a look Her eyes never left mine & her hands Guiding me to places she wanted to touch or feel We moaned, claw and groaned The more we become, more passion we spent We're breathing heavily by then I thought you wouldn't be this good She said and grimaced As I gave her biggest love bite Slight below her midriff We rolled from each other’s body Leaving u in blue and it's hues She sat up & tied her hair into neat bun While I sat behind her Holding like she's my quilt... #instagram #instapoetries #writeyourstories #wordporn #yourquote #shortstories #poetsociety #writingcommunity #writersofinstagram #writersofig #poets #authorsofinstagram #poetsofig #mirakee #wanderlove #latenights #typewriters @innervoicewf @scratchedstories @thewashroomstories @scribbled_thoughts @english.saying @the_emotional_typewriter #like4like #followforfollow #kidfromthehill #kmr_satyam

True friends are like diamonds - bright, beautiful, valuable and always in style. #wine #frands #newyorkrestaurant #brunette #blonde #latenights #earlymornings #goodvibes #babe #itsaparty #vino #lover


My face when told the whole venue has to evacuate because of the rain.. #imnotfuckinleaving

Thankful that she puts up with my Wendy’s obsession 🙄💕

Thankful for you and our 3am Walmart trips💕 #selfie #mirrorselfie #myboyfriend #latenights #hescute