Feeling my #superpowers 😁 Like a muse in a RenasArtist Garden. Thank You Guys! for all your #love. The more love, the more inspiration, the more #inspiration the more creativity, the + creativity, the more fun, the + #fun, the more inspiration 😄❤️ What is your #superpower?

Not exactly an usual day in India. This is perhaps my first pool day ever over here after all those years! Thanks to 'guru' Katka for grandounding teachings of little luxury! :) We just finished 2weeks retreat. Challenging. Hot inside and outside. I had 40C fever few days of the retreat...and sleeping in a tent. Just got back to the wilderness of India in holiday season. Crowds, traffic jams, scorching hot, dry, dusty. But challenging times can bring beauty and sweetness to life after all. I am grateful to Baba for the motivation and invaluable support of cultivating silence. It was yet another incredible retreat. May it bring more silence and joy to all our lives! #365daysofgratitude for feeling of completion, slowing, cooling down and a little bit of oh-so-precious comfort times in Maa India #momentsofcelebration #friendship #nofilter

This festival was incomplete without you guys ,HAPPY HOLI 💕 #HOLIVIBES #MYFAN @manthannnnnn 😂😂 #momentsofcelebration #allforone #oneforall

#momentsofcelebration shared #laughter It's been an amazing journey to watch unfold as @thuli_ndzotyana #boldly stepped from #misssundownsec2017 to @miss_mamelodisundowns #DownsDivas 👆

#momentsofcelebration with prov chair & @thuli_ndzotyana #ourqueen

Birthdays have a reason to get me excited about everything!! #sundaystories #birthdayspecials🎉🎉

👏👏May the season of Christmas Bring Nothing but joy to you and your household🤝.As you celebrate the birth of christ this season So shall you celebrate the birth of unlimited success and open doors👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌 #celebration time #momentsofcelebration

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Death as a celebration is an acknowledgment of the preciousness of each moment, each relationship, each experience of life. Death provides motivation for fully living an insightful, compassionate life. Death — or at least the memories of those who have died — is something to be celebrated. Things change, time passes — getting old, getting sick, loosing what we love is a natural occurrence. Consciously being with death is a reminder to return to relaxing into the present moment full of life, full of death, rich with celebration for whatever arrives to greet us, without resistance, without escapism, without the short term pleasure of addictions. Accepting death in everyday life is a way of truly making friends with one’s Self to return to the bare bones of our existence no. matter. what. Being with death is a giving up hope of all alternatives to the present moment. We can have a joyful, honest, direct relationship with our lives that does not ignore the reality of impermanence and death. As I open up to my relationship with death in everyday life, I build tolerance to wait, to breath through incredible discomfort, to soften around my insecurities, to compassionately be with my panic and shame, to relax alongside things not working out, to loosen my grip on my constructed personality self, to discover the soft, wild, fierce creature that is waiting to be born alongside that which is dying. #celebratelife #deathisagift #celebratedeath #diademuertos #momentsofcelebration #communitygathering #loveisart #slorocks #iloveyou

Oefff.....heel fijne geurkaarsen met gedicht van Moments of Light..... #momentsoflight #candlemadewithlove #momentsofluck #momentsofcelebration

#CelebrateWithBNRK The 9th and final day of Navratri is the day of Durga Puja , marking the victory of good over evil. Baijnath Jewellers wishes everyone a very #HappyDurgaPuja #NavratriWithBNRK #baijnathramkishorejewellers #SwaroopNagar #BaijnathNavratri #2017 #NavratriJewels #FestiveFever #ColoursOfJoy #MomentsOfCelebration #🙏🏻