I also just realized that I never posted for Mother’s Day! My mom even has an Instagram 😂 sorry, @joyvicki17!!! So on Father’s Day, I also need to post about my mom because she too is better than the best and I’m equally a “mommy’s girl”, if that is even a thing ❤️ I’m so so so lucky to have the parents that I do and it is not something that I ever take for granted! Happy belated Mother’s Day!!! 💕 #ilovemymom #mothersday #belatedmothersday #mommysgirl #aintnobodygotamomlikemine

Happy Father’s Day and very belated Happy Mother’s Day to the world’s best parents. Here they are scheming with my fave nieces! Thank you for being such encouraging parents and grandparents. My M+D are one of a kind!!! ☀️ #fathersday #mothersday #everyday #playful #laughteristhebestmedicine

My heart is still heavy as the day I lost you and not a day goes by I don’t think about you. Thankful for the memories that I hold onto so tightly and the best mother you chose for me 🖤 #FathersDay #MothersDay 👨🏻👧🏻

#fathersday = #mothersday Here u go honey, spend time with the kids... Its fathers day 🤘 Ill be over in the corner 😂🍍🍍🍍 #scarygood

The set is complete now! Dad gave us all notepads for Christmas and I made covers for @aeriecrochet for #mothersday and @chefpdmitchell #fathersday this year. I wasn’t able to see him this weekend but it was great to be able to catch up with him on the phone and I’ll get to see everyone in a few weeks while we all go watch him compete in the Global Chefs Challenge in Malaysia in July! #leatherwork #handmade #handmadegifts

I forgot to make a mother's day post last month so here's a combined post. 😂 #FathersDay #MothersDay #Blessed

😹😹👶😯 Did she kick me at da end.. 🤔🤗😥😍😍 #happyfathersday #repost #shewentin #reality #babycardi #lol #mothersday #onfathersday #rp #funnyvideos #goneviral #kids #babies #amovie #vine #live #theshaderoom @eppsie #thecarters #nas #sundayfunday @instagram @kollegekidd @lala @beyonce @theshaderoom @ciara @kevinhart4real @mtv @tarajiphenson @bet @vh1 @chrisbrownofficial @nickiminaj @troubleman31 @oprah @owntv @iamcardib @rapradar @thisis50 @xxl @50cent i forgive her already 😍😂😂

Father’s Day! A day that you recognize and celebrate father’s, step father’s and father figures alike. And if you have an incredible father like I have been blessed with, you get to make sappy posts about how much they mean to you. So here is mine because this guy deserves the world. . My dad. Man, what can you say? He supported me through all my ups and downs in life, which have been many. He supported me through my fitness journey as a high school kid, even though he thought it was in deed weird but none the less, supported me. 😂 Thank you dad for never giving up on me with my journey getting sober. You have believed in me when I literally didn’t believe in myself. Thank you for showing me what character, dignity, respect and selflessness looks like, just to name a few. Without your love pops, Key Nutrition would still be just an idea. ❤️

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Bubbles just couldn’t “Mothers Day” any longer. #sleepyhead #bestfathersday #mothersday #heloveshismomma