One of my favorites from Lily's senior session!! Love this beauty 💕🌸 (currently editing photos from two shoots-pictures coming soon!)

Fill my lungs.

"Juley" . . One with the local guy

J U N E 19th | Wayuu woman wearing natural sunblock on her face and working hard at making mochilas to sell ❤️

· Vintage Day ·

The Frequency you embody supports the experiences that you have. I have been repeatedly trying to raise my frequency to allow for more amazing things to enter my life. It’s not always easy! Every time I get blocked or stressed I have been practicing this prayer by @GabrielBernstein : “Thank you universe, for helping me see this obstacle as an opportunity. I will step back and let you lead the way.” I’ve noticed little by little I am replacing my anxiety with love. Give it a test drive through out your day when you are feeling stuck. Your mind will believe everything you tell it. Feed it Faith. Feed it Truth. Feed it Love.

Bags packed, itineraries printed, boards are already there! Thanks babe @kerrfoltz 🤗All set for O’ahu! 📸@aqua_atom

Beautiful Day✨ Wonderful Memories💜 • We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope. -Martin Luther King, Jr.