(2/3) Took this "caption" idea from @denakrisnaa. Captured by @mazenalnazar.

(3/3) Took this "caption" idea from @denakrisnaa. Captured by @mazenalnazar.

Bella Bloom Florals 🌸 @bellabloomflorals

Oh man the testimony of my life of knowing of this when last Friday came around and hits me hard after by not going to the retreat reunion after 2 Weeks Check in from after the retreat of big sky Apantao it’s was hard to see my schedule change without even saying I would a liked to have known by an call of it before they’ve decided to change it and would of said of course I would want to but have an thing on this day. Honestly I was ticked off by this change of not telling me about it. When especially when I was supper excited to go this thing after it. This wasn’t my ideal way of this. But have to choose over two big important things it’s was worst thing to say no to god and having him be proud of me then also having my Grandma be proud of me that day is actually been in heaven in 8 months in that day. I had texted one of my table momma named Kim and saying this and she was like to me know what lacey your grandma is gonna be so proud of you praising god while am missing her that day. Now it’s difficultly have that and toke that personally standing to it and more of rejoicing to god with that. Can’t now because I’ll be at work not much praising god with things and having my grandma in heaven looking down being proud of me. Most hardest thing to say I’ll be at work. By Monday came spring around the corner had hour from being home from Missoula MT having the directors called me and left an message back to me and really truly felt such relief of blessings from there understandings of blessings and but I know they’re disappointing by not me coming. They’re like soo saying how they’ve love me really very much. It’s meant to much to me. I’ve want to night group that is the gathering. There’s was an testimony of things and seriously needing to here the Bible verse of John 15 and seriously my mom and I read it that day to. There is really very much an reason of things that is hard to see the big picture of it. God really showing me sooo much blessing me with the joy of peace and he’s ways to faith. This is gonna be okay and alright so many ways here. Big thing is low staffed and this week have been like oh no this be hard. Since last night god showed me peace and joy!!!

AUSTRALIA VS DENMARK! Tomorrow night in our front bar ⚽️ $5 drinks until the first goal is scored!!

My something old, something new bouquet 💫 Stunning mix of dried and fresh flowers, texture overload! @stephanienormanphotography @evettesbridal @beautiful_on_insta @beescupcakecorner @thejuniperevent #sarahmayfloralart #styledshoot #theprettyblog #driedflowers #mustardyellow #bridalbouquet #bouquet

Classic Duck Confit Leg 🦆with potato gratin.. a lunchtime favorite in Paris #duckconfit #frenchcuisine #nyclove

Emily Dickenson once said, “Forever is composed of nows.” With you by my side, NOW is looking pretty amazing. #Rdbride #rdengagements #engaged

Sometimes it starts to feel as though all these unfinished paintings are starting to mock me, or at least giving me the side eye 😏 . . . #wip #acrylicpainting #abstractart #abstractpainting #mintedartist #mnartist #brushstrokes #prettyinpastel #pursuepretty #fineart #originalart #artistlife #mplsart

Money can buy a lot of things, but it doesn’t wiggle its butt every time you come in the door 🐶💕 #InterClubSportsDay #HisNameIsDawson #AndILoveHim

this little lady had the right idea for today | seek shelter from the rains for a little r&r {128/365} . . . #thelifestylecollective #thelittlethings #pursuepretty #tinymoments #peacefulmoments #naturephotography #documentyourdays #exploretocreate #artofvisuals

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Leftover love from the weekend, with lots of pretty from @bloomin.rose