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Stiai ca: Coafurile în Grecia antica erau în mare parte împletituri ale părului?

I know it's not harvest time yet, but I see a lot of grapes at the supermarket. Did you know that they contain high amount of antioxidant substances? Especially grapes that include lots of kernels. 🍇 I know, those are the most annoying ones and we often end up buying the seedless ones at the supermarket. Unfortunately we only get the convenience with those and not the benefits. ✨ Also, to be able to effectively help our body's immune system, antioxidants should be consumed in the form of fresh, organically grown products. Ideally straight from the vineyard which I was lucky enough to do when this picture was taken at Ceptura winery. Romania has some beautiful vineyards. ♡ #NutritionTips

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